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Matsuko 5-Way Switch Box With Timer & Pump Guard

List price: £189.80
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Matsuko Switchbox With Timer & Pump Guard


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New installer version

Programmable Switch Box Timer With Pump Guard
Matsuko switch boxes new upgraded models can connect up to 5 electrical devices in your garden.
The Matsuko SwitchBox gives you flexibility over your devices allowing you to turn them on or off
plus the added feature of each line having five on/off programmable times per day.
The Switch Box also has Pump Guard and a power consumption monitor.


Pump Guard technology helps avoid serious damage and burn outs if your pump blocks or overloads.
Line 1 on the Switch Box Timer with PG is set to learn how your pump operates when connected and turned on.
PumpGuard will run the pump at different power levels for a twenty-minutes until it learns its normal operation,
once complete Pump Guard goes into monitoring mode and will monitor the pump all day looking for signs of overloading or cutting out.

Constantly restarting pumps can easily burn out. PumpGuard detects this and will run the pump on a lower intensity
to see if this will correct the problem. If not corrected, PumpGuard will disconnect the power saving your pump from
any further damage. In this happens Pump Guard sounds a stop alarm and a red LED and the display shows “pump fail“.

Power Consumption Monitor.

The on screen digital display has two power consumption readings a constant reading on line 1. The second reading shows
a total consumption being used by all the devices on the Switch Box. For an individual line reading just switch off every line you
do not want to monitor. The consumption monitor gives a reading with an accuracy of +/-5%

Features include

Position of terminal blocks for easier connections
New improved electronics


Digital display
Easy to install
Pump Guard
5-way programmable Timer Switch Box
Up to 1500 Watts per line
Rated at IP56 for outside use

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