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Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 1800 Air Pump - 1010825

List price: £72.99
Short description:

Blagdon Pond Oxygenator Air Pumps For Healthy Ponds

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The Blagdon Oxygenator will help keep your pond healthy by increasing oxygen
levels and water circulation helping to prevent the pond from stagnating by dissolving
more air in to the water. The water movement can help stop ponds freezing in winter.
Oxygen rich water is essential for fish and bacteria which help to breakdown waste, 
ammonia and nitrate that is toxic to pond life. Air stones can also be place directly in to filters
benefiting biological filter bacteria. The low wattage makes blagdon air pumps very cost effective
to run while allowing you to run multiple air stones.

Key Features:

Circulate water to remove toxic gasses.

Beneficial to good bacteria growth.

Help prevent freezing in winter.

Increased circulation helps keep water clear.

Can be used for aquariums - ideal in a fish houses.

Pumping depth 2.2m max.

6 x Outlets.

Wattage 16w.

1800 lph.

I bought this so I could grow watercress (Aqua).
Very easy to set up, I just connected it to a plug instead of hardwiring it.
The small pipe that connects to the 6 outlet was also easy to connect. I just put one end into a glass of hot water to aid in connecting it to the 6 outlet first and then the same for the pump outlet.
The pump is very quiet as I could not hear it over the bubbles coming from the tray I have set up to grow my watercress (Aqua). I currently have it inside my temporary greenhouse right outside the bedroom window, which the plug is coming through, so the bedroom window is open, so I doubt it ill be any trouble getting to sleep.
I would definitely recommend this pump.
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