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Water Butts

According to average figures, it rains 150 out of 365 days a year in the UK and with non-permeable materials on the rise, weare wasting more water than ever. In fact, water conservation has even become a mainstream topic of discussion as we continue the search for sustainable strategies that meet the growing demands of human beings.

A water butt offers an affordable solution to water wastage, allowing property owners the opportunity to recycle rainwater for future use in the garden. After all, plants may be able to tolerate tap water but that doesn’t mean they should have to! Hailed as the next big thing in the gardening industry, there is certainly more to the water butt than what meets the eye; they are easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and offer an unbeatable longevity guarantee that will leave homeowners wondering what took them so long to invest.

During a professional installation, water butts are connected to the downpipe of a property and this feature itself is connected to the gutters. The idea of this network is to collect rainwater that runs off the roof and into the gutters where it will be safely and efficiently deposited in the water butt for use by the homeowner whenever necessary. In fact, a water butt also comes with a secure lid in order to prevent spillages and contamination.

Since aesthetics play an important role in the design of a properties exterior, water butts also offer a versatile array of designs in order to appeal to the preference of every client. From sleek textured water butts that focus on elegance to barrel designs that can be perfectly incorporated into a rustic aesthetic, there is certainly a water butt on the market for every homeowner. Plus, there is even the option to make a decision based on volume alone as water butts are available in a range of different capacities ranging from a simple yet effective 150 litres to a staggering 500 litres!

To find out more information about water butt installation, maintenance and design, get in contact with a member of the Easy Garden Watering team today!

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