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Irrigation Instructions & Technical Info

Here you will find a wide range of downloadable manuals in PDF form consisting of instructions, technical information and product specifications supplied to use by the leading garden irrigation companies for you to have a look at. If you're unsure about any product information then this is the place to look. Can't find something you're looking for? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team and we will be happy to help with any of your inquires.


Antelco Downloadable PDFs

Antelco Drip Emitters

Asta Drip Install Guide

Asta Drip Pressure Compensating Technical Information

Shrubbler Adjustable Flow Technical Information Information

Shrubbler Pressure Compensating Technical Information Information

Shrubbler Spike Installation Instructions

MIDI Drip Emitter Technical Information

Mini Sprinklers

Rotor Max MIDI Sprinkler Information

Rotor Rain Mini Sprinkler Information

Rotor Spray Mini Sprinker Information

Micro Jets & Sprays

Downspray Technical Information

Micro Spray Jets Technical Information

Spectrum Adjustable Flow Technical Information

Spectrum Spike Installation Instructions

Vari Flow Micro Jets Technical Information

Valves, Tools and Accessories

Ezy Valve 4 Installation Guide

Pressure Regulators Technical Information

Punches Technical Information


Claber Downloadable PDFs

Claber Hose Reels

Claber Gemini Instructions

Claber Jumbo Instructions

Claber Roto Roll Instructions

Claber Water Timers

Claber 9v Solenoid Instructions

Claber Dual Logic Instructions

Claber Dual Select Instructions

Claber Dupo Instructions

Claber Logica Instructions

Claber Pratico Instructions

Claber Rain Sensor Instructions - 90915

Claber Tempo Logic Instructions

Claber Tempo Select Instructions

Claber Video 2 Instructions

Claber Video 6 Instructions

Claber Wireless Rain Sensor Instructions - 90813


Darlac Downloadable PDFs

Darlac Water Timers

Darlac DW253 Instructions


Galcon Downloadable PDFs

Galcon Water Timers

Galcon 6100 DC1S Instructions

Galcon 7001d Instructions

Galcon 8100 Instructions

Galcon 9100d Instructions

Galcon 11000d Instructions

Galcon Alternator Valve Instructions


Hozelock Downloadable PDFs

Water Timers

Hozelock AC1 2705 Instructions

Rain Bird

Rain Bird Downloadable PDFs

Irrigation Controllers

Rain Bird ESP ME Series Instructions

Rain Bird ESP ME Series Technical Specifications

Rain Bird RSD Rain Sensor Instructions

Rain Bird RZX Series Instructions

Rain Bird RZX Series Technical Specifications

Rain Bird ZA84 Data Sheet

Rain Bird ZA84 Instructions

Pop Up Sprinklers

Rain Bird Pop Up Sprinkler 3504 Data Sheet

Rain Bird Pop Up Sprinkler 3504 Instructions

Rain Bird 5004 Pop Up Sprinkler Data Sheet

Rain Bird 5004 Pop Up Sprinkler Instructions

Rain Bird 5500 Pop Up Sprinkler Data Sheet

Rain Bird 5500 Pop Up Sprinkler Instructions

Solenoid Valves

Rain Bird DVF Solenoid Instructions

Rain Bird Jar Top Solenoid Technical Specifications

Rain Bird Jar Top Valve Instructions

Swing Pipe and Fittings

Rain Bird Swing Pipe Information

Rain Bird Swing Pipe Install Tips